Behind the pen and lens


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Elayne Smith is a poly-lingual writer, photographer and avid traveler.She graduated from the University of Alabama in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications and Information Sciences. She aspires to become an international journalist focusing on social justice issues. Her focus is in multimedia storytelling techniques and she wants to work on ways to make interactive reporting projects.

Her experience includes working for eight different publications including newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Through it all she has explored her passion for journalism and strengthened her love of writing while gaining multimedia skills.

Her dream is to travel overseas and give people a voice. She wants to use her passion for story telling to raise awareness to social justice issues. She knew she wanted to make a difference, but felt lost as she could not be a doctor because she cannot stand the blood, and she could not be an engineer because she could not stand the math. Her desire to write and evoke change collided in journalism. She believes in the power of the press as a watch dog and the potential journalism has to ignite change, which is why she is entering a field many have labeled as dying.

Her blog covers the times she travels the world, the times she has a chance to reflect and the times her articles have a second layer she wishes to share.

Her areas of interest include multimedia storytelling techniques, middle eastern culture, American foreign policy, women’s health issues, and feature-writing.